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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bear Lake 2007

I figured that I would try to start out with something simple. I am not much of a blogger and usually don't like to do texting or anything of this sort. I like to get to the point and talk over the phone. BUT a phone conversation does not get images of families and friends across as much as these blogs do. I can now show how our family is enjoying each other's company and show how much they have grown. I have submitted our family picture at Bear Lake (Summer 2007). That lake was awesome and really blue!!! Anyways, I hope to try to keep you guys in the loop on our family and enjoy our blog.

Here's to new memories, Matt


Cameron and Michelle said...

Hey guys, welcome to the blogging world. Hopefully we can keep in better touch this way. It will be fun to be able to see your family. Glad to hear things are going well! love michelle

Eric Jackson said...

Shout out to the new bloggers! Looking forward to seeing more posts and pics.


amie said...

Yay!!!! I love the blogging thing! I have only recently become a blogger myself. Eric started his ( quite a while ago and wanted me to keep it up. I didn't. He did. I love his blog now and didn't want to take it over once I decided to join the fun. So now we have 2 blogs.

Bear Lake is beautiful! I can't wait to go again this year. I also can't wait to read more of the goings on in the Matt Kelsch Family! Love you guys.

Matt and Shari Bailey said...

Way to go! I am so excited you guys are up and now official bloggers! Its fun to keep in touch this way! love ya, Shari

andig8 said...

I'm still trying to convince myself that "blog" is not a four-letter-word that I'd wash my children's mouths out if they said...... So I'm WAY behind the times, but this is going to be very fun to keep in touch with all of you and your little kidlinks!