Mykella's Karate Tournament

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bear Lake 2007

I know I am behind the times for finally post more pictures. Especially for those who are my immediate family. But for those who are out of state and are on Sarah's side of the family we want to give a shout out and say hey!!! I hope you guys enjoy some of these pictures. Keep tuned we have Mykella's Karate tournament to post. She did well!!!!!
The pictures are kind of small but if you hit the link view all images you can make them bigger on the site. Once again enjoy.
Love you all


Cameron and Michelle said...

cute pics! It's fun to see everyone else's pictures. Hope all is well

Matt and Shari Bailey said...

Bear Lake was fun! Especially the late night softball game! love ya

Ed-De-Izzy said...

I am wondering if you are the Sarah Kelsch that competed in the NGA Mountain States Pro May 24th. If so please e-mail me back. I am the lady that did bodybuilding and figure. "De" Thanks,