Mykella's Karate Tournament

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mykella's Karate Tournament

Well it has been a couple weeks that we have update our blog. I am still very new at this and want some ideas on how and what to do for a blog design. This particular blog is generic and boring in my opinion. So tell me some ideas and how to upload new designs.
As for Mykella's tournament she did very well. She took second in her form, first in combat(sparring) and first in sword sparring. We are so proud of the commitment she has put into karate. She has gone from white belt to green belt in the kid kickers leveled program very fast. Soon she will be graduating kid kickers and advancing to the next level where the belts are solid in color. Her instructors have taken her under their wing and have really enjoyed her. They have commented that she is the best 7 yr old student they have seen in a long time!! Her family was there to cheer her on and enjoy some family time together. Way to go Kella!!!!!!!!!!

Report cards just came and Autumn received straight 'A's. Mykella and Dyllon had very good report cards also with high marks. Chloe is doing great and always up to something. Her newest thing is getting markers or pens and writing all over herself. She thinks she is so funny and loves attention.


amie said...

Wow! Way to go Mykella! I wish I could have been there to see her in action. Maybe she can just show us her moves next time we are up! She really looks like she is having fun! I am glad that she enjoys it so much.

Also way to go on the good grades! So what is their reward Matt? Money or just the satifaction of knowing their hard work paid off? Autumn, Mykella and Dyllon tell him you want $10 per A. I don't think it is too much to ask ;)

We'll be up there this weekend--Hope to see you!

Matt and Shari Bailey said...

Way to go MyKella on karate! And kids way to go in school! The smart students are the ones who work hard!

I love Amie's comment.... ask for money for each A you get!

love ya

Matt and Shari Bailey said...

When ya gonna post another blog?..... Hello?....

Chris and Em said...

OH my gosh!!! Hello! My favorite little family!! I have been thinking about you guys! Are you guys in American Fork still? I need to come see you guys, your kids are so big and adorable!!

timereaper99 said...
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